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Aug 13, 2021
Welcome everyone to my website (DTMCraft) feel free to post what you want in accordance to my website rules, this website is checked upon daily.

Goals for the website:
  • A place to store minecraft plugins/ resources
  • A place to store information via ranks, donations and general comsumer practices
  • Interaction with shared information across various of games such as helpful tips, reviews and advice when giving away spoilers
Now for the twitch giveaway, just so you are all aware this took me close to 4-5 months to get to this goal last year, 4-5 months ago I already started with 16 followers which was mostly my friends accounts but this year we finally made it to the wopping 50 followers mark. now I need to stream more get my views up as I need an average of 3 constant views per day/ per month, so far I have only reached 1.8 views per month but hopefully the more I stream, the more it will go up.

anyways to say thank you for the support I am doing a twitch follower giveaway for any followers that's on my list to win a free minecraft (java) giftcode.

I have gone and pre-recorded the video but unedited it to rule out all the unfairness in the giveaway, this prevents me from some saltly users who will say this giveaway was rigged because they didn't win, I did say within the video to treat all the winners with respect and love and everyone who was in the giveaway had a 1/50 chance to win, next time it will be 1/100 to win so the odds of anyone winning will be very low but you'll never know if you might get lucky.

anyways watch the video yourself if you want but the winners of this twitch follower giveaway is the following:
Congratulations, I will message you three via twitch and enjoy the free minecraft account from DTM Panda.

If you'll want to win something free off me then I suggest you follow me on twitch, twitter or discord.
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