ADVERTISING RULES (Youtube version)

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Aug 14, 2021
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We Allow certain exceptions when it comes for our playerbase to self promote, You must fill out a application to even post here!

  • Please keep your article short and sweet

  • Please provide the original link to you and your only self promotional material

  • Please Link your social media's to your account

  • Please do not self promote that is intentionally to break our Forum Rules or Terms of Services

  • Please post one article per day, do not bump your article after 24 hours.

    - Articles/ Pages that are bumped within 24 hours will be deleted without warning, this is considered as unfair for others who wants as much attention as possible, after 24 hours is fine but please limit it to one per 24 hours, if an article/ page is couple of months old then do not necro post on it as this is considered annoying and will be locked from further replies

  • You can "with permission from a forum admin" to post links from other communities but please note, If you do not get permission from our Forum Admin then your post will either be removed or moved to a different section of our forums.

  • Please do not post links that are not officially partnered up with Youtube.

    - Only provide Youtube links only

    - Do NOT post any youtube videos that are not your original material. DTMCraft's Copyright applies here

    - Please Do NOT post videos on here that are 1 - 30 seconds long, keep memes and other viral content off here!

    - Do NOT post videos that will misdirect others from using these forums or our services based on a ban or something offensive we said to someone

    - If you see such content being posted from our staff team then please report it through our email system
These rules are subject to change!
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