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Aug 14, 2021
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ATTENTION!!: Please read through the application rules before applying for your desired role, we will only accept the best applicant for the job, You will be trained to use your tools when you are required to use them, DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWER's, you are here to keep the peace between the community, not create more unnecessary drama.

Please only apply if you have a clean record and been on the server, discord or forums for more then 2 weeks. (We will be checking)

If you have the Tag "DTM Member" then you'll automatically get accepted as a helper since I will trust you to be mature when dealing with rule breaker's.

Please Email us your application:

Format to use:

Subject: Team application
Topic: (Select which platform you want) Server, Discord or Website.

Enter each question with your honest feedback, any jokers in the application process will be rejected instantly.

What is your first name?

What is your age?

What is your minecraft username?

If you have any alternate accounts, please list them also:

What Platform are you applying?

Do you agree and understand that you will never gain access to OP or Console or any FTP Files, unless stated otherwise?

If you do not understand the following question then please state why:

Have you been on the discord, forums or server for more then 2 weeks from applying for the team?

Do you have a clean record on DTMCraft?

Have you got a dirty record on any other server, if so please list them?

If you have the power to remove a comment or user from violating our rules what is the first thing you MUST do?

Have you have any moderation experience?

How long have you been using the forum software Xenforo?
(If applying for Forum Moderator)

How long have you been using Discord? (If applying for Discord Moderator)

How long have you been using Minecraft? (If applying for Server Staff)

If a community member direct message you for help, what is the first thing you must say to them?

If a community member direct messages you and spam to get your attention, what will you do to make them stop?

If a non-community member randomly attacks other members what will you do to prevent this from happening?

If someone ask you in-game for money, items or any command given item, what will you do?

If someone broke a rule on the minecraft server what is the first thing you should do to deal with the situation?

Do you understand by applying for this team, this is strictly volunteering, you have a option to leave anytime but please inform us on your plan to leave, you acknowledge that you will not get paid unless you have experience in programing?

The Owner may give you alot of tasks to complete at the same time or whenever is possible, are you ok with this as this can be stressful for anyone to undertake?

Why are you interested in applying for the team?

If accepted the first role you will get is [training] here you will be tested on your experience and will not pass until your training is complete, a admin or lead admin will train you on what you need to know before advancing to the field, while you have this tag, your actions will be closely monitored at all times, besides from talking outside our vision, after the trail phase is over, the designated trainer will make a voting announcement to the whole community where we should keep you or remain as in training, if the community thinks you are the best team member they have seen on any server then you training will be complete and will move into your next role [Helper].
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