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Aug 14, 2021
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Discord Rules

While we are appreciated for anyone who reviews our discord group, we have to put down some ground rules on what is/not allowed. Please take this to ♥️ that we are only doing our jobs. (nothing is personal) If we see someone abusing such rules here at "DTM Craft" then please report at this email: support@dtmcraft.com

Before we lay some ground rules for this server, I would like everyone to read up on the Discord Guidelines Because IF anyone found to be breaking these is to be immediately punished by a ban or a kick from this community.

Warnings may not be given depending on the situation.

  • Please use your minecraft in-game name or nickname to display who you are, makes it easier to tell who we are talking to if we are gonna give away free stuff.

  • Any Toxicity towards another user will be removed from our discord group without warning.

  • Respect anyone in chat in all manners of life styles.

  • Swearing at another user for malicious intent is strictly forbidden. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. "Please keep it kid friendly."

  • Harassment inside or outside of our discord group at another user is strictly forbidden if anyone is caught causing unnecessary violence against another user then strict measures will be taken upon you.

  • We allow the gay community on here, Please be the most respectful when going around saying who you are! Please do not post immature images around our peaceful discord group. We hold the safety of any online activity on our discord chats/ services.

  • We will remove any content hate that is directed towards our staff team and will remove the user who posted such content from our systems.

  • Terms of Services issues are a permanent solution. If anyone who violates our contract will be strictly removed.

- No bypassing or finding loopholes to the rules, if you are unsure about something ask staff. Failure to do so may result in punishment. By Joining this discord / server ip you are bound by our Terms of services. (the updated TOS will be out soon, this will be a major change then how I normally would run my services)
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