Update on my discord account!

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Aug 13, 2021
As most of you will problery wake up this morning/ afternoon or night to a ping on your doorstep saying I have my discord account back.

(Photo taken on the official @DtmPanda Twitter)

Well this is true I do have it back!! for anyone who is wondering if this is legitimet or not.

However the aftermath of this brutal phishing scam was outragiously upsetting to the least, 48 accounts this discord accout messaged asking about their stream account got banned or something.


(photo taken from official source "DTM Panda#4159)

In light of the recent events that happeneed, expect an official dtmcraft disclaimer video on a educational video explaining how it's easy to fall for a scam like this.

Please note that if this ever happens again. DTMCraft Staff Members will NEVER ask for your account details or passwords to unrelated DTMCraft products or services however if you have an issue with someone or on here then please forward it to our email support@dtmcraft.com.

Official Server Console Manager, Trusted, Co-Owner or Owner will only see the email. we will never ask for your personal details unless it's an confirmation like bank/ paypal statement or proof of receipt.

Official Discord Staff and forum Staff will never ask for your personal information like bank card, steam, facebook, twitter, discord account email or password.

If you see any such action occur please email us straight away or DM @DTM Panda on his twitter profile
Not open for further replies.